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Bärbel Maria  Hirsch

Sebastian  Hirsch

Managing director and business angel of Christ Charity GmbH. Active in rescue of animals in distress since 2010. In addition, founder of the animal care enterprise Hund und Katz am See.

Shareholder, founder and patron of Christ Charity GmbH. Known as artist and singer Christ. Also founder and shareholder of the company Von Hirsch GmbH.

Christ Charity

My mother and I founded the charity CHRIST CHARITY in the summer of 2022. 15% of the proceeds from my artistic work as artist Christ will be donated to CHRIST CHARITY. Be part of this movement and help us to realize our goals and projects. Every cent counts and will be invested 100% in the causes of our charity.

Let’s improve the world we all live in together, little by little.


The crises of our time move me deeply. With my music and my new album ALIVE as well as with my BOOK OF HOPE, I would like to help people in need and give them hope. I see how many people are dependent on different kinds of support. That is why in the summer of 2022 I fulfilled my long-awaited dream to establish the charity organization CHRIST CHARITY together with my mother Bärbel Maria Hirsch. Charity and humanity are essential Christian commandments that are very close to our hearts.

For us, doing good means helping other people as well as standing up for animals and the preservation of the environment. My mother has been involved in animal welfare for over a decade. We would like to use her experience in this field and her strength to help all living creatures that need an advocate.

Beyond animal welfare, we would like to be actively involved in our environment and our fellow human beings and thus give something back to life that has been given to us by God. For this we will support established aid organizations [link if necessary], but also realize our own projects. Any donations will be given to our partners below to support their charity in a transparent way. In the medium term we will also realize our own projects, about which we will inform you regularly here on our website. We would be most grateful for your donation to make our world a better place.


100% of all donations will be distributed to the partners and organization below according to their need. No cent will be misappropriated and/or withheld by us. More information will be posted on our social network platforms.

Image by Anoir Chafik

For the love of animals!

If animals were able to speak to us, what would they tell us? All the suffering and cruelty to animals, mass production, animals without homes and protection, the extinction of species ... We would like to put an end to this with your donations and our actions.

Image by Fabian Quintero

For the sake of our environment!

Pollution, plastic waste, deforestation, global warming and the continuous degradation of our oceans are acute problems of our 21st century. We would like to create improvement in all sectors, with you, and for all of us.

Image by Larm Rmah

For our little ones!

Children are born to live and not to suffer. We want to help children in need, through better education, more professional medical care, food provision and care, regardless of their country of origin or skin color.

Image by Tim Marshall

For the community!

Depression is still not properly recognized in our society. We would like to improve the treatment of depression by research, improve guidance and care and increase the network of therapies and therapists. Our focus is also homelessness, poverty and loneliness of our fellow human beings.


No Religion.

Be the change for a better world. Not for the people around you, but first of all, for a better version of yourself. 

Without hate, without judgment, intolerance and resentment.

My new single is about the chance for each of us to be able to do something with ourselves, what you've dreamed of. Combined with an RnB-heavy beat, smooth vibes, a catchy hook, and a powerful gospel choir, my song Change is the catchy tune of summer 2024.


“Basically, 15% of all income from my earnings as the artist Christ goes to our charity. This includes the profits from my concerts, from the sale of my album and merchandise and the sales of my book as well as royalties.”

Sebastian Hirsch, Founder of Christ Charity
Transparent financing!

Like every charity, we also intend to finance our cause through donations. Our help knows no borders, no skin color, no religious affiliation or status and also no species of animals. It is based on the conviction that we should treat others with respect and love. We trust in the good in people and the peaceful nature of animals.


Especially in times of crisis we become aware of how much is at stake for each individual, but also for society as a whole. Life is motion and motion always means change. It is time for us to change for people who have to leave their homes, for animals whose habitats are being destroyed, and for all living beings who cannot face the harshness of life alone.

Donation for a good cause

Donation for a good cause:

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Christ Charity GmbH

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78345 Moos


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